A community

...that you can build upon. We are here to support all female gamers in Star Citizen and make them feel Welcome!

Creating Visibility

...for female gamers and female streamers. We want to show the world, and show Star Citizen that there are quite a lot female gamers in the universe.

Relaxing Chat

... on Discord & Spectrum. A place where we want everyone. to feel welcome and inclusive and try to have 0-drama!

Latest News

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by AsunaAkira / 10 Jun, 2017

What is this?

GirlGamers is getting it's own Newsletter / Magazine.

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by AsunaAkira / 16 Mar, 2017

Hey everyone,

As you can probably see, GirlGamers' old website is gone.


About GirlGamers

We are GirlGamers, a social community for all women in Star Citizen.
As it is still very difficult to find fellow female Star Citizen players, GirlGamers aims to bring all of them under 1 banner.

So GirlGamers or GirlGamers-Community is a community of enthusiastic women that love gaming, and to be more precise, that love Star Citizen.
Our goal is to create a positive change in the world of Star Citizen and in the Gaming Industry by bringing female gamers together
and make them feel more welcome and open by chatting, hanging out, meeting up at Star Citizen events, gaming together,
and maybe in the future hosting events ourself, and combine our voice. – Together we are Stronger than ever.
It started as 1 member trying to find a female gamers group on StarCitizen and led to StarCitizen’s biggest female gamers community.

We’re proud to be gamers, and we’d love to show it to the world, and together in GirlGamers, we do.
Our goal is not to be just One voice for all female gamers of Star Citizen but rather to connect every one of us, and make gaming a better place.

We know there are still many many more female gamers out there in Star Citizen, and we are here to support and connect them all.
That is what we do. That is GirlGamers SC